SIM University joined hands with NewClass again

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SIM University, the first private university in Singapore, formerly known as Singapore Institute of Management more than 40 years, has become the synonym of “comprehensiveness”, “all-industry-related specialties” and “excellent teaching quality”.

In the selection of teaching equipment, SIM University has always chosen the brand with high reputation and good quality in the world. In January 2009, the NewClass DL760 simultaneous interpreting classroom was put into use. Since the completion of the simultaneous interpreting classroom, the equipment has maintained a high utilization rate in SIM University due to its stability, complete functions and simple operation.


Through continuous development of SIM University, higher requirements of classroom environment and equipment specifications for language training related majors have also been presented. After the new teaching building was put into use, the simultaneous interpreting classroom was expanded. In order to improve the educational quality and effect, international research and investigation were carried out on some teaching equipment, and the NewClass DL-960 simultaneous interpreting training system was finally selected.



After the relocated and purchased additional equipment was put into use, SIM University sent a letter to NewClass, saying that “The product was installed and put into use in March 2014. It is found that the NewClass DL-960 simultaneous interpreting training system can not only provide great help to the teaching quality and teaching function, what’s more, the biggest highlight of the system is the simultaneous interpreting training function, which adds greater teaching features to the existing teaching mode.”

Newclass DL-960 simultaneous interpreting training system provides more functions, such as “exams in class”, “visual and interactive teaching”, “autonomous learning”, and “wireless screen broadcasting”. This function makes teaching activities more vivid and strengthens the teacher-led and student-centered teaching mode.

The equipment of NewClass DL-960 simultaneous interpreting training system is novel in appearance, flexible in operation, simple in structure and easy to maintain in the whole component system.”

Among the customers of NewClass, there are many users like SIM University which have cooperated with NewClass for many times, which proves the product research and development tenet of NewClass—Learning technologies applicable in the real world and users’ satisfaction is the ultimate driving force for progress.