Teachers and students of Nanyang Technological University paid a visit to the headquarters of NewClass

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On July 19, the teachers and students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), who were studying at BFSU, visited the headquarters of NewClass in Beijing.

After a short break, the students visited the company with great interest and listened to the company’s introduction. When it came to the introduction of SIM University, the students paid special attention to this, coming forward and asking about the layout of the NewClass classroom, equipment model and its use.

Two new products of NewClass were arranged in the demonstration environment of NewClass. After the learners took their seats and “class” began, the functions of NewClass products were presented to the learners in terms of their sound and shape. For example, when the “face recognition” was used to capture the the face of each learner, especially with the help of the terminal, they unexpectedly “met each other”, the expression of surprise appeared on their faces. Gradually, everyone began to focus on training, especially when it came to the simultaneous interpreting simulation training session for Obama’s inaugural address, the atmosphere in the classroom immediately became tense. Five minutes later, when the teacher turned on the “listening again respectively” function, the expression on the students’ faces could be described as “changeable”. After that, the typical evaluation and analysis especially made everyone discuss a lot. Everyone looked at each other and smiled, with a lot of feelings.


After class, the learners showed great interest in NewClass products and exchanged with the teachers in terms of many questions.


The time to get together is always very short. At the moment of departure, the teachers and students from NTU came to the front desk to take a group photo, sending a message that NewClass could better help language education in Singapore.