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Beijing NewClass Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998.Awarded as national high-tech enterprise in China, we along with other units drafted China national standard 'Digital Language Learning Environment Design Requirements' (GB/T36354-2018).

We own more than 80 independent intellectual property rights, covering streaming media technology, audio and video core coding technology, and embedded system technology patents. As a tech-enterprise with great focus on R&D, we are determined to provide better product in fields of digital, networked, intelligent and personalized information.

In 1999, as the pioneer in realizing the digital change of language teaching system, we are the first to develop the “NewClass Multimedia Network Teaching System NC-300”. In 2003, the “NewClass Digital Language Learning System” cracked the technical problem of Ethernet audio transmission latency, allowing further digitization of language labs. In 2005, we emphasized sharing of “Embedded Concurrent Multi-User RTOS” to reduce construction costs. In 2006, the launch of “Simultaneous Interpretation Training System NewClass DL-760” filled in the gap of SI training equipment. In 2011, we along with other units drafted China national standard 'Digital Language Learning Environment Design Requirements'. It was officially promulgated by China Educational Technology Association. We along with other units drafted “Digital Speech Learning Environment Design Requirements” (GB/T36354-2018) national standard. The standard was officially implemented in January 2019. In 2019, the launch of Wireless smart classroom technology provides solutions for portable and interactive smart education.

NewClass keeps following tech trends for more than two decades, and creates up-to-date teaching functions based on the Internet and embedded systems. Our products include: digital voice terminal VOD, dual-channel recording and playback, real-time visual intercommunication system, video synchronous follow-up recording and video, face recognition, visualization dual-stream multi-window teaching and other functional applications. Functions are designed based on practical needs in the areas of language education. We provide Internet-based interactive network platform solutions in the fields of language teaching, training and assessment.

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We provide language learning systems, mobile teaching solutions and multimedia systems that can be integrated with intelligent education solutions to improve the efficiency of teaching, training, meeting and assessment. After more than 20 years of development, NewClass has become a leading language teaching solution provider. In China, we operate more than 20 sites to provide complete pre-sale, sale and customer service. We actively listen to our consumer’s voice to continuously improve R&D and products, and bring users an efficient and user-friendly interactive experience.

Users of our product covers high level foreign language universities, general education, vocational education, and enterprises. The products are sold in more than 20 countries and regions worldwide. Millions of teachers and students are benefiting from the tech products of NewClass.

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