Privacy Statement

The following privacy agreement is the commitment of Beijing NewClass Digital Technology Co., Ltd. to user privacy protection. Please read this Agreement carefully to understand our management of your personal information. All terms of this Agreement are one of the important parts of the “User Service Agreement of Beijing NewClass Digital Technology Co., Ltd.”

This Agreement includes the following content:

I. Overview

This Privacy Agreement applies to all the services on, the website of Beijing NewClass Digital Technology Co., Ltd. You will be protected and restricted by this Privacy Agreement during your access.

In order to use our services as safely as possible and prevent risks within the extent and scope of our capabilities, you are requested to provide your mobile phone number and name. We promise not to disclose it to any third party. This Privacy Agreement describes the personal information we collect and how we will use it. We promise to do everything possible to protect your personal information, and we will use your personal information in strict accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Agreement. We guarantee that we will not disclose your personal information to any third party unnecessarily. 

However, as described below, in the event that your information may have to be provided to a third party due to some special requirements, it is necessary for you to carefully read this Privacy Agreement for the sake of the safe use of your personal information. This Privacy Agreement applies to any service provided on the website of Beijing NewClass Digital Technology Co., Ltd. If you agree to this Privacy Agreement, you have agreed that we will use and disclose your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Agreement. If you have any questions about this Privacy Agreement, please feel free to contact us.


II. Information collected

In order to enable you to be in an efficient and secure environment, we will collect different personal information from you according to different service categories provided. Any information required to be collected will be indicated on the relevant page, including your name and telephone number, but not including your ID card information, bank credit card and bank current account information. We promise not to disclose it to any third party.

III. Use of information

Internal use

The information we have collected about you is mainly used for the following purposes:

1. Provide return visit service, process and know your information.

2. Provide customer service.

When the government agencies require the disclosure of personal data on this website in accordance with legal procedures, we will provide personal data at the request of law enforcement agencies or for public safety purposes. For disclosure under the above circumstances, we shall be exempted from liability.

IV. Information security

We use both procedural and hardware security policies to protect your personal information, including program encryption, “firewall” and SSL encrypted transmission technology (the highest commercial encryption technology currently available). Your credit card and bank current account information will be stored in the computer in encrypted form. We will protect your personal information in physical, electronic and process forms. We will also test the system strictly on a regular basis, and ask senior information security companies to authorize and improve our security systems and processes.

V. Notification of change

As new business will be continuously added, this Agreement will be subject to change accordingly. Regardless of any change, we will not send you a notice on the modification of the Privacy Agreement. However, we will update our website accordingly in time, so as to facilitate your review of these changes.

VI. Contact information

Address: 1012, Tower D, Jiahua Building, No. 9, 3rd Shangdi Street, Haidian District, Beijing