NewClass attended the 19th Annual Conference of the Foreign Language Committee

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A few days ago, the 19th Annual Conference of the Foreign Language Committee of China Association of Educational Technology was held in the academic lecture hall of Guizhou University.                                       

NewClass attended the 19th Annual Conference of the Foreign Language Committee              

This session of the annual conference intensified exchanges. Relevant leaders, experts and enterprise representatives attended 11 special reports, and conducted extensive and in-depth discussions on the development of educational technology and related topics.

At the conference, Beijing NewClass Digital Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the features and advantages of all-in-one products in the language learning system to the delegates present. This year, NewClass’s latest series of language laboratory products built by all-in-one computer terminals have been widely praised after being promoted in colleges and universities across the country. The all-in-one machine language learning terminal adopts embedded technology, integrated structure design, with 10' touch screen, high-definition camera, PoE network power supply mode. The sound effect of the new generation of NewClass products was unanimously praised by the teachers. The system adopts the “sound fragment transmission” and “kernel penetration” technology created by NewClass to control the voice transmission delay within 5ms, so as to ensure that under the general bandwidth of the Ethernet network, the massive data flow of sound transmission will not be lost, and the real and clean voice will be heard. By virtue of its technical advantages, the new language laboratory series has realized the following functions, namely visual teaching, visual situational interactive teaching, double-flow and multi-window situational interactive teaching and so on. In addition, the teachers also cheerfully commented on wireless screen broadcast, face recognition and other human-centered functional design completed through WiFi access, that teaching activities become more efficient and convenient.