'NewClass Remote Learning System' hit a great success on the 80th Education and Decoration Exhibition

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On October 25, the 80th China Education Equipment Exhibition, Chengdu, NewClass brought its 'NewClass Remote Learning System' as online and offline hybrid teaching solution, and 'High-density WiFi Mobile Smart Classroom' which supports mobile teaching.

'NewClass Remote Learning System' were at a great hit

'NewClass Remote Learning System' is a unique online and offline hybrid teaching model, which provides solution for remote interactive teaching based on in-school classrooms. It is the key product from NewClass which presented at the exhibition. On the presentation, operation from professional classroom and normal classroom in Beijing and Shanghai integrated perfectly.

'NewClass high-density WiFi mobile smart classroom'

'High-density WiFi mobile wisdom classroom' caters to the actual needs of mobile teaching. The exhibition area presented 9 panel simulation of the student side of the classroom. It shows wisdom classroom by student side without any need to wiring, which brings free interactive teaching space. The classroom supports mobile, interactive, multidisciplinary teaching and new methods such as flipped classroom.

On the first day of the exhibition, Huicong Education Network, a media partner of the exhibition, interviewed Mr. Dong Liang, General Manager of NewClass, who introduced the company's latest research and development results for the technical and market directions. Mr. Dong introduced the company's latest research and development achievement: 'NewClass Remote Learning System', and demonstrated the application of the system.

NewClass welcomes further communications. The remote system and high-density WiFi solution minimizes geographical and spatial barriers, supports the development of intelligent teaching, allows teachers and students to attend classes more easily and freely, and provides new ideas and solutions for the construction of 'three classrooms'.