The NewClass Dallas Chinese Team Greets the Chinese New Year in Friendly Match

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As the Chinese Spring Festival was approaching,  the NewClass Dallas Chinese Team and Maccabi Dallas Israel Team played a friendly football match to greet the Chinese New Year's arrival in Dallas on January 18, 2020.

As an amateur team sponsored by NewClass, the NewClass Dallas Chinese Team was composed of football enthusiasts of the Chinese American elites. It has been active in Dallas for many years and brought together generations of Chinese from various provinces and cities living and working in Dallas, enriching the local Chinese's life, and serving as a folk envoy for Chinese culture.

NewClass美国达拉斯华人队以友谊赛迎接 Chinese New Year

After the match, the players of two teams gathered under the banner of 'Happy Chinese New Year' and unfolded the team flag to take a group photo to greet the Chinese New Year and pray for good health and happiness for Chinese people.