NewClass attended the 15th National Conference on BTI Education

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On May 11, heads of the translation and foreign languages departments, translation scholars and industry participants from more than 100 colleges and universities in China gathered at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) to participate in the 15th National Conference on BTI Education sponsored by China National Committee for BTI Education and organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen). As a famous teaching equipment supplier in China, NewClass had the honor to be invited to attend the conference.

 “弘扬传统 创新未来”,东方正龙参加第十五届全国翻译院系负责人联席会议

Conference site

1. The conference was divided into four sub-forums, namely, “Translation Major and Humanities Education”, “Translation Major and Technological Innovation”, “Innovation and Development of the BTI Teaching Mode”, and “Practical Achievements of BTI”, in which the speakers aired their views respectively.


Mr. Dong, Deputy General Manager of NewClass, attended the sub-forum “Translation Major and Technological Innovation”, and delivered a keynote speech on “the future development trend of language education informatization”. From the perspective of users, he cited the experience of NewClass product iteration to confirm the development process of education informatization promoted by science and technology.

 “弘扬传统 创新未来”,东方正龙参加第十五届全国翻译院系负责人联席会议

Mr. Dong, Deputy General Manager of NewClass was delivering a keynote speech at the sub-forum “Translation Major and Technological Innovation”

Talking about the future, he said, “The development of information technology, especially the application of Internet technology in the field of education, to be mobile and remote is the inevitable trend of development, and revolutionary reform is underway.


However, whether mobile products or remote applications, bandwidth is a big bottleneck, which is related to the stability and practicability of the system. Therefore, the solution of High-Density WiFi mobile smart classroom proposed by NewClass can effectively compress the computer screen with the help of patent technology, which is suitable for the smooth transmission of data stream on different bandwidth paths, ensuring the stability and efficiency of the teaching system and better user experience.

It is the social responsibility of our company as a technology-based company in the process of education reform to promote the reform and innovation of education and teaching methods from the subtlety and the perspective of continuous innovation of technology.”


 “弘扬传统 创新未来”,东方正龙参加第十五届全国翻译院系负责人联席会议

At the NewClass booth for product display, staff got ready

With great passion on the conference site, all kinds of ideas collided, and the scene was still wonderful at the conference interval. The staff of NewClass arranged the booth and enthusiastically gave response to the consultation from the teachers present at the conference.

The on-site teachers can try the teaching functions of the NewClass system, such as fast login of the face recognition platform, and easy completion of classroom check-in and identity authentication; The function of visual simultaneous interpreting enables the interpreters to clearly see the close-up of the speaker and provide the interpreter with a vivid working environment they dream of. Multi-channel video recording perfectly records the training details, enabling teachers to give comments in an accurate, objective and meaningful way. The NewClass language learning system can achieve real-time interaction between teaching and learning, process recording, independent error correction, resource sharing, which helps teachers to easily mobilize all students and improve classroom teaching effect.


 “弘扬传统 创新未来”,东方正龙参加第十五届全国翻译院系负责人联席会议

Before the dinner, Mr. Dong, Deputy General Manager of NewClass was delivering a speech

After the intense and substantial meeting, a farewell dinner brought the conference to a successful conclusion. Professor Fan Xitao, President of the School of Humanities and Social Science, delivered a speech on behalf of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen). He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the experts, scholars and industry participants attending the conference. After that, Mr. Dong Liang went on stage to express his gratitude to China National Committee for BTI Education and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), and praised BTI for successfully organizing a rare professional event for the industry.


Founded in 2005, the National Conference on BTI Education has offered assistance in China’s translation discipline construction and personnel training, and set up a platform for colleges and teachers to make discussion and exchange ideas. It is a great honor for NewClass to participate in the grand event. BTI, let’s meet again in Hong Kong next year.