Touch Control Integrative Model

In foreign language teaching, the NewClass digital language learning system provides teachers with a personalized teaching platform, makes students' autonomous learning more diversified, and is an important tool to train students' listening and speaking ability.

Dual-network and dual-architecture design support one room for multiple purposes, which can be used as a language laboratory or can be switched to a traditional computer room with one button. The system is compatible with all kinds of Windows software.

The system supports the combination with various examination platforms, multimedia platforms, and management platforms in the market.

The system is designed with high security, and classes can be held when the PC is down.

Hyper Terminal+ Computer Model


Teacher Unit
Teacher Unit

he teacher unit consists of a touch control integrative teacher terminal, a computer and a display, and the control software is a standard window operation interface.

Student Unit
Student Unit

The student unit comprises DL- 940E super terminal and standard display, professional earphone and microphone group, mouse, and keyboard. It has a clear interface and convenient operation.

Performance Characteristics
Performance Characteristics

Separated Dual Networks, Independent Running

The system has a 'Dual Network' architecture design of the PC network and terminal network. The two networks are separated and run independently. The PC network is used for autonomous learning, and the terminal network is used for classroom teaching. Teachers can switch at will or authorize students to switch on their own.

Classroom teaching can be carried out without turning on student's PC.

Interactive Characteristic Teaching Function
Interactive Characteristic Teaching Function

Grouping Session

Teachers can divide all students into several groups to do conversation exercises, and broadcast the texts and images to be talked to students. The grouping method can be by row, column, automatic grouping, or random grouping, or manually drag the student icons to move in and out between groups for grouping adjustment. Teachers can intervene in any group to guide the training.

Simultaneous Interpretation Training

Four interpreters can be set up, and 'listeners' in different languages can be assigned to each interpreter. They can switch listening on these four different interpretation channels and support four listening modes: listening only to the source language, target language, left original-to-right target language, and mixed listening of the source and target language.

Interactive Characteristic Teaching Function
Interactive Characteristic Teaching Function

Visual Teaching

Press the 'Visual' function key, the camera is turned on, and the teacher's lecture picture is directly transmitted to the screens of all student units, so that the teacher's lecture sound and facial expression, mouth shape, body language, etc. are presented clearly and synchronously.

Visual Dual-Stream Teaching

Teachers can broadcast teaching courseware (computer screen picture, VGA stream) at the same time, and broadcast it to all student unit screens on the same screen as teaching picture (video stream).

Visual Dual-Stream Multi-window Teaching (V-Type)

Teachers can continue to click on the selected student's profile picture, and the camera of the student unit will be turned on, and the multi-window pictures of teaching courseware, teachers, and selected students will be broadcast to all the student unit screens on the same screen.

Interactive Characteristic Teaching Function
Interactive Characteristic Teaching Function

Wireless Mobile Teaching

Under the dual-network structure mode and by mobile device or wired teacher unit, teachers can transmit the images taken by their cameras, teachers' speech, courseware audio, and various digital teaching resources to all wired student terminals, wireless student terminals, and teachers' terminal screens in real-time, and also save them in real-time.

Wireless Interactive Teaching

With the teacher's authorization, the classroom teaching environment can be expanded freely, and students' own mobile intelligent devices can join the existing teaching environment through a wireless network, and participate in the interactive teaching process, to realize situational interactive oral training, movie dubbing training, dual-network mode group conversation training, and classroom trip training and evaluation.

Interactive Characteristic Teaching Function
Interactive Characteristic Teaching Function

Multi-Channel Special Recording and Broadcasting (V Type)

In visual teaching and training (such as visual grouping, visual speaking, etc.), the teacher can press the 'Record' button in the control interface. All students can realize simultaneous multi-channel visual seat video recording while realizing dual-channel recording and generating independent video files saved in the local student terminal and cloud server.

After the recording is completed, the teacher can realize the demonstration comment through the 'Designated Playback' function, and realize students' self-evaluation through 'All Playback' function. Through appraisal, excellent video resources can be used as flipping classroom resources.

Basic Teaching Function
Basic Teaching Function

Function Customization

According to different users' needs, the functions are customized. Administrators use it to hide unnecessary functions and meet the individualized needs of different teachers and teaching methods.

Screen Broadcast Demonstration

The screen content selected by the teacher for students' operation is synchronized with their videos and sounds to other students' terminal screens and headphones, further satisfying the student-centered teaching concept in 'Flip Classroom.'

Basic Teaching Function
Basic Teaching Function

Two-Channel Recording, Two-Channel Listening

One-click recording and playback on the control interface are provided. Each of the three parties can generate independent recording files and support their re-listening and designated playback. There are four sound playback modes to choose from: source language playback, target language playback, left original-to-right target language, and mixed listening of the original and target languages, making the 'comment' function of simultaneous interpretation training unique.

Autonomous Learning
Autonomous Learning

Open Android Platform, Unlimited Expansion of Interconnection

Various online learning methods are supported. It can call learning materials on the campus network's subject platform, order classroom teaching, training, and testing resources, access the Internet, and call rich App applications to meet various online learning needs.

Audio and Video on Demand

A brand-new experience of autonomous audio-visual learning is provided, and autonomous on-demand learning in various audio and video formats can be carried out.

Professional Language Training Player

Oral and listening exercises, such as follow-up recording, movie dubbing, variable-speed playing, SP mode playing (the number of playing sentences and pause time can be set freely), random dragging of the playing slider, dual-track recording, four recording playback modes, text display on the same screen, etc. can be carried out independently.

Local Download and Cloud Storage of File

The data in the database and the classroom recording of the practice recorder can be downloaded.


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