The Newclass Congratulates on the Successful Conclusion of the 'TAC Conference 2019:Translation in China——70 Years of Development'

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The Newclass Congratulates Successful Conclusion of the IAMLADP (International Annual Meeting on Lan

Attended by Li Yansong, Principal of Shanghai International Studies University, Alison Graves, Co-Chairman of the Universities Contact Group (hereinafter referred to as UCG) and Head of the Translation, Multilingual and External Relations Department of the European Parliament, Huang Youyi, Executive Vice President of Translators Association of China, and Marie Diur, Director of the Interpretation Department of the Conference Management Department of the United Nations Office at Geneva, presided over by Zhang Ailing, Dean of the Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation SISU and exclusively sponsored by Beijing NewClass Digital Technology Co., Ltd., the opening ceremony of the IAMLADP UCG Special Session in China 2019 was successfully held on September 24 in Yifu Hall, Hongkou Campus, Shanghai International Studies University

The Newclass Congratulates Successful Conclusion of the IAMLADP (International Annual Meeting on Lan

As the first meeting of the UCG outside Brussels, this Special Session provided a significant opportunity for international organizations and universities to jointly promote the teaching and research of interpretation and translation in China. It was also an exchange platform for domestic universities to understand the specific needs of international organizations for language services and discuss the teaching and practice of interpretation and translation with Chinese and foreign language talent training universities provided by Shanghai International Studies University, aiming to improve the international running level of domestic universities. Heads of language service departments of international organizations, representatives from major foreign translation colleges and universities, and scholars, experts, and professors from domestic colleges and universities were invited specially. And simultaneous interpretation in Chinese, English, French, Spanish, and Russian were provided in this meeting.

The Newclass Congratulates Successful Conclusion of the IAMLADP (International Annual Meeting on Lan

Commented jointly by UCG members and teachers from Shanghai International Studies University, two special cross-teaching activities for interpretation and translation were held in the NewClass International Simultaneous Interpretation Report Hall respectively, which left a deep impression on the students and the teachers from various universities and became one of the meeting highlights.

The Newclass Congratulates Successful Conclusion of the IAMLADP (International Annual Meeting on Lan

Introduction of Classroom

Completed in 2012, with 1 chairman unit, 25 representative units, 8 interpreters' rooms (double interpreters), and an infrared transmitting and receiving system, the NewClass DL-960 International Simultaneous Interpretation Report Hall is mainly used for simultaneous teaching, international conferences, examinations, self-study, and other purposes.

With the integrated design, high-resolution touch screen, halo design of speech key, PoE network power supply, face recognition, application of new technology of wireless screen broadcasting, real and clean sound, and high-definition video transmission, the NewClass DL-960 Simultaneous Interpretation Training System Terminal provides a useful facility environment for schools to realize comprehensive situational teachings such as consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation and construct a new foreign language teaching model, that is, a curriculum mode centered on cultivating students' translation ability and an optimized curriculum system, creating conditions to realize diversified and practical translation teaching.

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